The Madison Region has a unique opportunity to gather data on the number and type of Career-based Learning Activities taking place throughout our region because of the reporting capabilities of the Xello system that powers Inspire. That’s why we’re excited that Xello has rolled out a new streamlined CBLE request process that will make it easier for educators and business volunteers to track CBLE requests starting in the upcoming academic year.

The CBLE process has gone from five steps to as few as two, encouraging educators to complete requests from within their Xello CAMS portals. By doing this, each confirmed CBLE is recorded in the system. This is critical to measuring the number and impact of the CBLEs taking place throughout the year. We hope that in the future it will also help us improve how we deliver CBLEs to students, educators and job seekers in our seven-(soon-to-be-11)-county region.

In the past, a student or educator often submitted a request through Xello/Inspire but the CBLE coordinator or educator at the school would confirm the date and time with the employer outside of Xello. Those CBLEs then are not tracked as completed. So we are asking all educators who utilize Inspire to complete CBLE requests within Xello using this new shorter process.

What follows is a table that shows the steps involved in requesting an CBLE or managing a request made by a student. Note: although there are five steps listed, there are places along the way where the process can be completed before that, making the process shorter:

Step Action CBLE Request Status
1 Student or Educator searches and selects a Career-based Learning Experience (CBLE). They will then view the CBLE description and make a request using the online form. NOTE: The CBLE company contact will automatically receive an email notification once the request has been submitted. Requested (student) or
Pending volunteer approval (educator)
2 Skip this step if you made the CBLE request yourself. If you are the CBLE coordinator for your school and Step 1 was completed by a student, check with volunteer about CBLE request details such as time and place or confirm if you have already done so. You can do this from CAMS in Manage CBLE Requests section. If you and the volunteer agree upon date and time for the CBLE, you may confirm the request now and the process is complete. Check with Volunteer or
3 Once the company contact (provider) accepts the request, get in touch with the provider directly by email or phone to discuss details such as date, time, or number of participants. At this point, if the details are agreed upon, you may enter those details, then confirm the request and the process is complete. Or, you may propose a new time for the CBLE and wait for confirmation from the volunteer. Confirmed or
Propose New Time
4 Waiting for confirmation from volunteer once they’ve received the proposed dates and times. Pending Confirmation
5 The CBLE request is complete when the provider confirms the details that you entered. Confirmed

CBLE process

In addition to the streamlined CBLE request process for educators and volunteers, schools can now set a student’s advisor to receive CBLE requests notifications along with the school’s or district’s CBLE coordinator.

Below are some additional materials that describe how to manage your educator Xello account (CAMS) and the new updates to the CBLE request process.