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All public schools grades 6-12 in the Madison Region now have access to Inspire Madison Region through their Xello licenses. Inspire can help you as a student to create your ACP (academic and career planning) portfolio in Xello that is assigned by your school. Those features include:

    • Employer profiles that describe local companies that hire people for the careers that interest you.
    • Online career coaches who will answer your career-related questions via Huddles
    • Career-based Learning Activities (CBLEs) – find and request local CBLEs offered by local employers and community organizations. CBLEs like job-shadowing and internships are an important step to take in understanding where you’d like to go in your career – and what steps you need to take with your education.

Have you ever wondered:

    • What is it like working at a particular job?
    • What do I need to do to get into a career I like?
    • What classes do I need to take?

Have you ever wanted to:

    • Learn more about a career?
    • Get help/guidance in finding a career that you’re interested in?
    • Find a summer job with an employer that you’d like to work for?
    • Start planning for your future?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions or want to get help in your career planning, then Inspire Madison Region can help:

    1. Do you have access to Xello? To access your account, click HERE. (If you don’t have access – please contact your school counselor or principal).
    2. If your school does not have access, please have your school counselor or principal contact us at: [email protected]
    3. Don’t know where to start after logging in? Download this Student Quick-Start Guide. (Adobe PDF Reader required).

Let's Inspire the Madison Region Together 

Join a community that's helping to inspire the youth of the Greater Madison region! Employers and educators are coming together to provide the tools, guidance, and opportunities for our future talent to succeed.   

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