Increased Participation = Increased Value

While the students are on Summer break, it’s a great time to think about your company’s strategy for participation in Inspire Madison Region this upcoming academic year . What message do you want the upcoming workforce to hear? What resources does your company have available to offer?

In this post, we’ve listed three easy but powerful ways that your company can improve its Inspire experience. In doing so, you’ll also help more young people from the Madison Region make smart choices as they navigate their academic and career pathways.

  1. Add more careers to your company profile. This is the number one easiest way to make your company more visible in Inspire. Log in to your profile, then click on “Update Company Profile” then “Career Profile Links”. You can search for careers to add here. When a student or educator is using Xello to research a career, one of their options is to look at local companies who said they hire people in that career. The more of your career fields you connect your business with, the better the chance a student or educator will find you.
  1. Recruit online career coaches from within your company in key career areas. One of the great things about Inspire’s career message boards is that answers from career coaches benefit anyone who views that thread long after the question is answered. Young people may be curious about a career, but don’t have anyone in the know to talk with about it. This is your opportunity to be a local resource, answer questions and give guidance to the future workforce. If you signed up already as a career coach on behalf of your employer or independently, log in to your Xello account and see which careers you picked by clicking on “Update my Profile”. Also, see if there is information about your work history that you can add. If your company has not recruited career coaches, please consider it. It’s an efficient way for employees to log volunteer hours from anywhere, including at work without leaving the office. To recruit employees, send them the following information: Employee Recruitment Flyer; Career-Coach Registration Link
  1. Add a “Who We Hire” section to your profile. This is where you can spell out the qualities, skills, certifications, education and experience that you look for in potential candidates in general or for particular in-demand careers you want to promote. For example, if a company had a great need for pharmacy technicians, they could include information on that career, what the educational requirements are and potentially any direction on where to get that education. Or, if you wanted to talk more generally about what your company looks for when hiring, you could write that instead. Information like this is very helpful to educators and students trying to understand the local career landscape, what’s available and what’s needed to get there. Simply log in to your profile, click on “Update Company Profile” and then “Who We Hire”. You can add a URL to your careers web page if you have one, and then fill in the rest of the information you want the future workforce to know about.

As always, please tell your friends about Inspire! The Inspire team can only do so much to recruit employers to join this network of businesses, schools, and community-based organizations. But with your word-of-mouth power, we can go much farther. The more employers we have, the better the system will be for everyone involved. If you have acquaintances, colleagues, friends or rCBLEtives you think might want to join Inspire as a company or career coach, send them to: to register.

We hope that you and your company or organization will take advantage of the simple suggestions we’ve listed to improve your Inspire experience. But even if you only choose one, it will still make Inspire Madison Region a more powerful tool for students, educators and employers who participate.

To log in to your Inspire profile and make the edits you decide on, go to :

As always, if you have any questions or need your log-in credentials, send an email to: [email protected]

Thank you!