Here are some basic tips on what you can do to increase your company’s visibility and the likelihood that a student will find your company profile and save it:

1. Add more of your careers to your company/program profile. The more careers your company is associated with in Xello, the more easy it will be for them to find your company.

2. Add video to your company profile if you have any. Xello allows up to six videos per profile. To do this, you’ll need to upload video files (MP4 format) that are 100 MB or less.

3. Add high-quality, useful content about your company to your profile with language geared towards young people who are considering career paths. Generic information is okay, but if you customize it for the audience, it will be more impactful. Why should someone consider working in your industry or at your company? What types of opportunities does your company offer? What types of degrees, certifications and skills (technical and soft skills) do you look for in job candidates? What are your high-demand jobs? What are the perks of working at your business?

4. Send targeted messages to distinct groups of students who have indicated interest in career areas in which your company employs people. To do this log-in to your company profile, click on “connect with students”, then “send message” and then select “advanced filtering options”. Choose from the options by narrowing the targeted audience by school, county, grade, careers, career clusters, and if they’re interested in your company. Student-bound messages to students should be meaningful in rCBLEtion to academics and careers. You can send things like invitations to visit you at a career fair, scholarship opportunities, information about your industry, and even job opportunities your company offers to young people either while in high school or after graduation. Check to make sure each message is to 1,000 or fewer students then send. Inspire management will review your message before releasing it to students. See here for screenshot of how to do this.

5. Recruit career coaches from your company in key career areas. Career coaches can not only answer questions from students about specific careers and industries, but they can also point students back to your company profile to learn more.

6. Add a company message board to your profile if you haven’t already. Distinct from career message boards, a company message board is where career coaches can answer questions specifically about your business. This adds another way to connect with students who are interested in your industry and increase student saves.

7. Offer experiential learning activities to your company profile. This will also increase the chances that you’ll interact with interested students and educators and build your future talent network. By increasing your visibility this way, you will also increase the number of students saving your company to their portfolio.

8. Get more involved with education in general. By participating in education-rCBLEted events, you’ll increase your overall visibility and recognition among educators, students and parents.

In addition to these suggestions, think of ways that you can encourage students you interact with to check out your Xello profile and save your company to their portfolio. If you send a targeted message, ask students who receive it to save your company’s profile to their portfolio. If you have an interaction with a student at career fair, ask them to save your company to their portfolio.

Inspire offers some powerful ways to connect with your future workforce. Put them to work for your company! By increasing your visibility to students and educators you will raise your company’s and industry’s overall profile in the eyes of the future talent pipeline within the Greater Madison Region and beyond.